Benefits of paint protection

Dirt, grime and every day driving can affect your car's paintwork. With time all cars suffer from a bit of wear and tear but with paint protection you can prevent the damaging effects of time on your vehicle.

How does Paint Protection work and why do I need it?
Egy Wash has expert equipment and uses only the finest quality cleaning products to care for your car – whether you come in for a quick wash or a full detail.
Paint Protection helps to keep your much loved car looking and feeling good and new on the outside. Every day dirt and grime can age your car, but with a good coating of our Paint Protection we can keep the dirt at bay and help you keep that shiny new car coating.

Paint Protection is easier and involves less time and work for you. Weekly waxing and polishing of your car can be expensive and time consuming, where as Paint Protection can last for years and only needs a minimum amount of work to get it topped up. Paint sealants are different from normal waxes and polishes because Paint Protection lasts longer and is far more resiliant to the effects of damaging exterior influences such as bird droppings and other environmental damages.

Once Paint Protection is applied all you really have to do to keep you car in tip top condition is to wash and rinse - no need to worry about extra waxes and polishes.

And when you decide to sell you car, you will know that your car's paintwork will be in immaculate condition. There will be no fading, staining or rust.


Interior Fabric Protection

Fabric protection is a must for your vehicle's interior!

Wear and tear, smoking, food and drink spillage and everyday use can damage and stain your car's interior day by day, bit by bit. One small accident can stain you car seats and cause permanent damage if you don't have proper Fabric Protection.

Fabric Protection will help prevent those nasty stains that can damage the look and feel of your car's interior and not to mention can bring down your vehicle's selling price when it comes time to upgrade. An aging car or one that has that worn and damaged look caused by noticeable stains can bring down the sale value of your car, so remember to keep your seats protected with our Fabric Protection service.

Fabric Protection works by creating a barrier on your seats. If you or (as the case usually is) your child accidently spills something, then it Fabric Protection actually affords you more time to clean up the mess before it is absorbed and begins to settle into a stain.

Egy Wash offers protection for fabric, leather and vinyl interiors - so why not give us a call to book in your vehicle today! Don't delay!

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