How to get rid of Car Scratch

The outlook of car can be effected by awful car scratch on the body of the car and can and scratches are considered to be most prevalent form of car damage. Most of you are fighting to find way to get rid of these car scratches.

Here we will discuss types of car scratches, how to handle them differently and how to get rid of these:

Many people think that car scratches can be removed effectively with the help various products available in the market. Most of these products never deliver as they promise. However, the performance of the products completely depends on the type of car scratch you want to remove. There are different types of car scratches can be possible. Scratch type can vary depending on the severity of the scratch. Few scratches are very light however others can be severe.

Determining what kind of scratch your car has suffered from is the first step in repair. In this article, we’ll discuss the proper way to determine the severity of the scratch you plan on fixing.

  1. Car Clear Coat Scratch - Most of the cars comes with clear coat layer paint protection that helps to protect the car from light scratches. When a scratch only affects this layer, it is considered to be a “Clear Coat Scratch”. These type of scratches easily reparable.
  2. Car Premier Scratch – This is second most sever type of scratch that hits the clear coat layer passes through at touched the premier of the car. This type of scratch is referred to as a “Primer Scratch”. Here are few things we can use to determine this type of car scratch:
    • If you run your nail on the scratch it should catch the scratch.
    • Gray color premier should be clearly visible on the scratch.

    This type of scratch is usually tough to repair. It may require paint work to cover the premier of the car.

  3. Car Paint Body Scratch - This is the most sensitive type of scratch your car can suffer from. This type of scratch passes through the coated layer, premier paint and hits the metal body of the car. This type car scratch demands maximum effort to get repaired. Below are the indicators for this type of scratch:
    • Nail will be dragged through the metal body clearly.
    • Body of the car will clearly visible.
    • No clear coat, paint or primer is present in the scratch.

We will continue the scratch removal tips in the next post…..stay tuned!

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3 Responses to How to get rid of Car Scratch

  1. T James says:

    Hey guys I read your all post and believe me they are really help full for a Car lover, who is always looking for such a useful tips. Thanks Guys and keep on posting.

  2. Debra says:

    Can any body help me, as my car got some deep scratches on its right hand window.


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