Tips to improve Oil Efficiency of your Car

Hey guys, welcome to – car wash and detailing! Today we are going to discuss the most important factor that is potential buying factor for almost all the vehicles. Yes fuel efficiency of your car, more the efficiency happier the customers and increased the sales of vehicle. No one other car services professionals are capable of getting the more mileage as they are aware of, how better they can utilize the car engine  to generate maximum output. however it is a big question mark for normal customer who is not technical expert of using car’s engines.

Here we are going to discuss few of these basic tips for the car users that they can take care while driving to ensure maximum efficiency:

  • Control your accelerator and use it wisely: Most simple and effective way for getting better fuel economy of your car is you should use the accelerator  wisely. The more the acceleration more fast will be fuel intake by car engine. Surveys and experience depicts that if your car is running @ 75-80Kmph on high way then it approximately 15% more efficient than a car running @ 110 kmph on same high way. Fuel consumption is directly proportional to speed of vehicle however, when your car is running at very speed the air friction increases 3 times and more power will be required by engine to overcome the air friction and to run fast.

Further, the initial start for the vehicle should be very humble and drove your car at low accelerator in low gears. Wait until you reach to 3rd or 4th gear then increase the accelerator constantly.

Use of Breaks: If you are applying your breaks smartly while driving then you can expect approx. 10% more output over a distance of 250 KM. You need to make sure that you are not using breaks until or unless it is required. When you are driving you should plan your breaks from a long distance. If you can find a red light at a distance of 1.5 or 2 km you should take off your feet from accelerator and coast your vehicle for the remaining distance. Less usage of breaks also increases life of tyres.

Air Pressure: Another important factor to increase the efficiency of fuel and better economy is regular check on air pressure of your car tyres. You need to ensure the recommended air pressure is maintained in all the tyres. Less than recommended pressure can significantly effect your tyres as it will increase the air friction between the tyre and the road surface. Maximum the friction, maximum will be wear and tear of tyres and machinery/engine to pull your car. This will reduce the life of tyres and engine will consume more fuel  to pull your car in order to overcome the air friction. On the other side a well balanced car tyres with recommended air pressure level will ensure smooth drive and better output by engine.

We will continue the oil economy tips in future posts, so stay tuned!

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4 Responses to Tips to improve Oil Efficiency of your Car

  1. These were quite common user practices that we can do in day routine but never bothered that these can lead to 10%increase in car efficiency. I will read your more tips :)

  2. Krista says:

    hey Egywash team- guys you are doing fab. job by sharing these interesting posts. I was using car breaks a lot and never thought it could have impact on the performance of the car. Now, I’ll really take care of this and I will apply breaks only where it is required and plan out drive accordingly :)

  3. admin says:


    Thanks for appreciating our hard work and ensure you will enjoy even more the upcoming blog posts in future. We always try to focus on the most commonly used tips that can be of help for everyone having a car.

  4. Michael says:

    Interesting post and covered all most all the basic tips a person can easily adopt. Curious to add one more tip, not sure you like it or not:

    While going on a long drive you can utilize the AC switch ON/OFF process to improve the oil efficiency..Everyone knows that car consumes more fuel while it running on AC than running without AC. So if you feel after each 15 mins you have enough cooling inside your car you can easily survive by switching OFF the AC for next 3-5 mins and it can effect the overall performance of your car if you are planing for 5-6 hours of long drive..

    hope it will help :)

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