Car Tyre Care and Safeguarding Tips

Add extra life and increase performance of car tiers by doing proper care and regular maintenance. Following are the tips for appropriate tyre care.

  • Check tyre pressure on regular bases as recommended by the tyre experts.
  • Drive carefully in diverse weather conditions.
  • Regularly look after your car’s steering and suspension, as this will greatly affect tyre performance.
  • Choose the appropriate tyre size and speed rating recommended for the vehicle.
  • Keeps tyre changing equipment in a serviceable condition.
  • Keep proper tyre balancing. An un-balanced wheel may cause vibration to the vehicle.
  • Rotate tyre position after every 5,000 Kms or if any irregular wear is found.
  • Regular check tyre alignment or after every 5,000 kms or when ever any distortion is found.
  • Do routine tyres check up like remove stone, nails which entrapped in the tread of the tyre or consult the experts if any damages exposing the ply cord and/or steel belt are visible.
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