Car Detailing – Top 10 Dont’s

Hi Guys…Welcome to our blog once again and today I am going to cover the most important topic where i will explore top 10 biggest mistakes that you should avoid while detailing your car. Probably these are the mistakes that can kill your car. Every car lover who want to keep his/her car shining like a brand new car forever; this blog post is MUST for them.

I will start with mistake #10 and move upwards towards mistake #1. so lets come straight way to the point:

Mistake #10: This is extremely dangerous and most common mistake that most of people do while cleaning your foot mats. Never apply any ‘Armor All’ type products on your floor mats. Most of the time when you pour these type of products on your mats and scrub them they make it look nice and shining but when you drive your car they get on the bottom of your shoes and then on the break pedal and lots of problems can happen.

The best way to clean your floor mats is with soap and water, scrub and dry them and put them back into your car.

Mistake #9: Here we will discuss the problems of using the wrong product for the interior of your car.
For e.g. if we have to clean the carpets of your car and If you are going to use car soap for this then you are going to suds forever that will never go easily and that will cause mildew. What is recommended is the foamy agent that is actually designed for the carpets. Shake it well before applying it on your carpet. Take the scrub brush and rub it both upside down few times and then take a clean towel to pour all the dirt from the carpet.

Similarly for other interior parts use the specific products designed for specific purpose.

Mistake #8: The next very common problem is of ‘Tire Sling‘. Most of the car lovers who love shiny tires end up facing this problem. Tire sling takes when you drive your car and the product that is used for shining your car tire thrown back to the body of the car. So while your tires may shine, your car doesn’t. But it can be prevented.

Use the right product for tire shining, recommended is tire gel which is quite sticky and goopy. Apply this sticky gel even on your tire and sit for a minute and then tap it off with the help of towel. After that, when you will drive there will no tire sling.

Mistake #7: This is most common mistake of using old and nasty pieces of clothes to wash your car improperly. what will happen is when you apply these nasty stuff on your car then all the dirt will be trapped on the outside that will essentially be scratching the paint when you will rub it on the car body.

Car Wash StuffBest and recommended stuff is available in the Old Car Wash Stuffmarket for car wash purpose i.e. nice and fluffy and dust can easily trap inside and can be easily washed in the bucket. As you will see it getting thin and dirty over the period of time throw it away and buy the new one. This will not only help to clean your car body properly but also increase the lifetime of the paint of your car.

Mistake #6: Definitely this mistake is going to be most annoying and i am talking about the glass. What’s gonna save you is the use of the right towel. Most of the time car owners apply Micro fiber towel which is used for the body of the car on the glasses as well and they never bother about the specific product ‘micro fiber window towel’ that is best recommended for cleaning your car glass.

Micro Fiber Glass TowelIf you will see closely the pillars of the plush on regular micro fiber towel are much thick than the micro fiber glass towel which is best recommended by car wash experts. Apply window cleaner on the micro fiber glass towel and clean the glass in straight lines and then apply dry micro fiber towel and buff off the rest and make sure that you don’t have any streaks at all. While cleaning the windscreen of your car from inside this is the most difficult part and try to follow the the process from top to bottom with your right hand. Try to avoid window cleaners for windscreen to avoid any streaks that may arise due to the dashboard lubrication.

Mistake #5: Wiping your car without any lubrication. Most of the time we experience bird poo on the surface of the body of the car and most of apply the improper stuff on the surface to scratch it that affects the paint of your car. To avoid this we always recommend to apply spray wax on the affected surface this spray will act as a lubricant and apply this evenly 2-3 times and then use the micro fiber towel lightly to clean the surface. Turn the towel if one side becomes little dirty and give a shining new look to the bird poo surface.

So try to avoid any improper ways to clean the surface of your car to save the paint.

Mistake #4: Lot of people have queries about this, which type of soap should be used to clean your car. There are different types of soaps available in the market and all of them have different purposes but not all of them are best for your car.

We will start with hand soap or Dish soap is really great stuff but not good to apply on the surface of your car. Occasionally, it may be a good idea to use hand soap if you are looking to strip entire car of all its wax and when you are looking to compound or polish your car. So for a normal wash like Sunday morning wash you should not use something like this because this is very harsh and can affect the paint of the car.

We strongly recommend you to use very specific paint soap and very specific wheel soap. The paint soap doesn’t remove any of the existing layers of protection on the surface of the paint. On the other side the wheel soap is little more aggressive because the wheels have break dust that’s really warm and hard and gets embedded on the metal so you need something real strong as compare to paint soap that get into the metal to clean it properly.

So you should make your selection for the type of the type of the soap specifically designed for different purposes.

Mistake #3: This mistake is more annoying than being harmful i.e. when you forgot to double check your car after the full wax. You may notice that sometimes the wax gets embedded onto small little bolts on the car so what you need to do is use a small brush and apply 1-2 times spray wax and agitate all the stuff out. After that use fiber towel to wipe off it completely.

Mistake #2: This is the mistake of using an improper product that leaves a greasy foam on the interior of your car. We don’t need to use that for two reasons:

1. It blinds you as you drive your car and no one wants that.

2. It acts like a green house effect. The light comes through the windscreen and traps under the greasy part and heats up the vinyl leather or plastic whatever part it is, dries it out and cracks it. We don’t want to replace any those things because these are really expensive.

So what we recommend is the proper products for dashboard and interior cleaning so that your interior can have a shining new look without affecting the life of the parts. Good products will condition your leather and soak in and protects it.

Mistake #1: The biggest mistake that most of the car owners make while washing their car is that they make use of the same bucket for cleaning the paint and wheel of the cars. The two of these buckets should be completely separate. Recommended is that you may choose two completely different color buckets for this purpose.

Black and white can be the best combination, Black can be used for wheels and white bucket can be used for car paint. The wash mitt that you will you use for car paint should be interchanged or mixed with wash mitt that you will use for wheels. Recommended is that you should use little new or better mitt for car paint than car wheels.

Make sure that the paint mitt never hits the wheels and the wheel mitt never hits the paint of the car to get a shining look.

Well guys, these are the top 10 mistake i can think of. I hope there will be tons of more mistakes and if you have more then please mention them below in the comments.

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