Tips for Boat Detailing and step by step guide for how to Detail Your Boat?

In today’s post we are going to cover Boat Detailing tips and techniques.  Boat Detailing sounds like a cumbersome process but with the help of our highly friendly and flawless detailing tips you will learn how easy it is to detail a complete boat on your own. Here is q quick overview for boat detailing process.

First thing is to wash the boat to make sure its spick-and-span clean. To do that Start from the top, move inside and once done with that then move to outside. Whenever you plan to detail your boat make sure the variety of products that you are going to use are of premium quality, because the compromise in the quality of the products used may turn up in poor performance of the complete detailing process.

Before Detailing Boat:

Before Boat Detailing

Cleaning the Top of the Boat: The very first step is to completely Rinse off the top of the boat. Remove the loose dirt or bird droppings from the top of the boat. Once you knocked off the loose dirt completely then the next thing is to make use of premium cleaner to clean the fabric on the top of the boat. You need to make sure that you are not going to use too harsh product as it can affect this soft fabric. So you need to careful about the cleaner and brush that you will use to clean the top. Spray the cleaner on the top of the boat fabric properly and use long brush evenly on all the corners to clean it with high pressure jet. Once done with the roof of the boat its the time to move down to the inside boat sections.

Inside Sections: Before you start cleaning the boat from inside make sure you wash the boat and wet is completely so that loose dust can be washed away and you can apply your cleaning products. Start from the wind-guard or windshield and use premium cleaner to apply on this screen and other section along side wind screen. Leave it for a while after spraying the cleaner and then use tiny brush and start scrubbing all the sections properly and apply high pressure jet to rinse off dust properly. Make sure the brush bristles are soft enough and so that even if you are aggressive while cleaning the different inside corners of your boat it should be safe. Once done with windscreen, steering area then move down to exhaust module. Exhaust is the only outlet for the burnt fuel in the boat and most of the time this is the only section which most dirty. The fuel contaminants turn into stain on the top of the exhaust pump. Apply the cleaner evenly followed by tiny brushes with soft bristles and after few minutes rinse it off.

Now you need to clean the inside floor, sides and front section of the boat and for this purpose we recommend you to make use of the extendable brush that can easily move down to the different sections and have the flexibility to adjust is tiny areas we well due to its soft bristles. Most important section is the clean the front of the boat often because this section consist of dust particles and moisture. Dust with combination of moisture turns into the oxidation reaction and can deteriorate the front of your boat. Finally the side bars bear most of the foot traffic and are grungy areas. Apply cleaners evenly and leave it for a whiles before applying scrub and then finally rinse off the dust. Its time to jump out to clean the boat from outside.

Outer Section: As recommended earlier the better is to rinse off the loose dust from the outer sections and then apply cleaner by dividing the whole boat into small sections. Keep cleaning these small sections and rinse off regularly and finish the complete boat cleaning from out side. Make use of extendable brush to reach the top sections of the boat and you can use a special scrubber for scrubbing the extreme bottom section of the boat. Whiles cleaning the outer section always the rinse off the water from top towards bottom.

Now once you are done with the cleaning of all the three main sections of your then the next step is to provide your boat a shining new look. For this we will use three step process of compounding, polishing and waxing. This three step process is highly recommended for absolute shining new look of your boat by removing oxidation.

Finally the new shining boat after complete detailing will be like:

After Boat Detailing


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