Step by step guide for cleaning and detailing your car

Today we are going to various tips for car cleaning and car detailing that will help you to effectively detail your car like a professional. These tips are collected from the personal experience of professional detailers across the country and if you will carefully read and follow these tips then you will not need to go to any other place for availing detailing and cleaning services for your car. You will feel confident enough to execute complete detailing on your own.
So follow this DIY step by step guide for detailing & cleaning and take care of the surface of your car just like your face and help it glow and shine exactly the way you want your face.

  1. Begin from Carpets of your car:

The very first step advised by most of the experienced detailers is ‘carpet cleaning’. It is strongly recommended that high air pressure should be used to release dust fixed around small corners of car so that it can be centralized on the carpet and then with the help of vacuum dust can be sucked completely. One can use also use scrub brush to release dust fixed on the carpet and then apply vacuum.

  1. Duct Cleaning:

High air pressure can be used to effectively clean the air ducts of your car. Once you apply pressure; be careful that you focus on walls of the ducts behind the vent grilles. Most of the times dust stick to these walls and can cause nasty smell. Properly cleaned ducts will help to keep fresh and sweet fragrance within car.

  1. Tire Cleaning:

Most of the professionals use slightly acid based products to clean tires to clean dust and residue from tires, but it is strongly that for DIY tire cleaning one should not use any acid based products as these may lead to highly oxidized wheel alloys which further can turn up to damaged wheel paint.
If you are planning to protect your car’s paint then wheels and tires should be cleaned first before you move onto protecting your car’s paint.

  1. Carwash process:

Most of the experienced details recommend hand washing. Hand washing not only helps you to experience your vehicle most closely but also help you to feel the shape of your loved one. Pros suggest do not use any detergent for washing your car, this mistake is done by most of the car wash individuals at home. Dishwashing detergents can get you clean car but they will damage your car’s wax coating over the period of time on repeated use.  Special products are available in market for car washing. These solutions are tested and qualified and can be safely applied on your car’s wax.

  1. Clean Paint:

Often it takes nothing more than a normal washing to clear dust sticked on the paint and surface of your car. But the cropping of birds, chemicals exhausted from polluted air can stuck to the surface of your car and the paint will not glow as it does originally. You can test it yourself by moving dry hand on the paint of your car and if you find it rough that means the paint is not clean. There are different ways to clean it properly.
Solutions are available in market to remove stain and dust from the paint. One can apply it but the excess of the solution can lead to damaged wax coating of your car. So be careful. The second method is to clean paint by rubbing a small block of paint-cleaning clay lubricated with a liquid cleaner wax.

  1. Paint smoothing:

Polishing plays important role to smoothen the surface of car paint that will make your car shine like a brand new car. Various brands are available for paint polishes that can help to provide wax layer for paint of your car. Car polish can be applied with the help of oscillating machine but you need to be careful with the use of this machine. If the machine will be operated fast then it can lead to break the paint surface.

  1. Wax your car:

Car wax plays vital role between the car paint and outer world attacks like: dust stains, pollution contaminants etc… Brand new car paint is protected with the help of coated layer of wax that wears off over the period of time due to sun rays, rainy water, repeated car washing etc…
This wax layer is highly important to keep your car free from small scratches and stain contaminant. You should apply wax paste or liquid twice in a year. Pros recommend that vehicles spending their maximum time staying outdoors need to monitor more frequently as compared to vehicles parked under the roof most of the time. One should apply wax coating to his/her every season.

  1. Cleaning Glasses:

Glasses of the car plays very important role in the overall look of your car. Shining glasses makes your car looks completely different from the crowd and ads additional to the beauty of your car.
Glasses should be cleaned in the last to avoid any dirt leaving uncleaned on the glasses that will be released from the various steps mentioned above.
Again you will lot of glass cleaning solutions in the market that you can use to effectively clean glasses of your car. Soft towel can be used to soak the glass cleaning solution. Sometimes, most of DIY’s prefer newspaper pieces to clean the glasses and believe me it work very well just like any other proper stuff for cleaning the glasses.

Finally When to See a Pro
Normal scratches, stains, washing, cleaning can be executed with the help of various steps explained above. But if your paint has a scratch that goes down to metal, the only way to fix it is by sanding and filling the scratch with paint using a tiny pencil brush. Pros can effectively streamline this type of fix with the regular paint and they learn it with experiencing. But a normal person can’t do this job so professionally and you may need to visit a pro in this case.

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