Exciting Car Wash Package – Deluxe Car Wash @ $69.99

Deluxe Car WashThis is the time to cheer up once again with EGY wash!!

We have launched an exciting and highly affordable “Deluxe Car Wash” package for our customer to take benefit of most of interior and exterior cleaning for your car.

What it includes?
It includes everything from waxing, shampooing, alloys cleaning, windows cleaning to Full vacuum seats, carpets,Wipe down dashboard & interior doors covers and much more…

So what you are waiting for?? Visit the full details of this exciting package at: deluxe car wash package or copy the URL in your browser: http://www.egywash.com.au/prices.html You can also call us directly for your inquires and to book this deal for your car at: +61450006009.

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2 Responses to Exciting Car Wash Package – Deluxe Car Wash @ $69.99

  1. Anthony says:

    Hey certainly this was an superb offer to consider for my car. I have landed to this website for first time while looking for affordable car wash deals near WA. It was worth spending few minutes to go through the Deluxe Car Wash deal available on your website.

    I call up to finalize the appointment :)


    • admin says:

      Hi Anthony!

      Thanks for appreciation!
      You can call up anytime on this number to book this deal for your car: +61450006009.
      We work Monday through Sunday 9 . 00 AM to 5.30 PM. You can also send email for more details: sales@egywash.com.au


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