Car Alloy Wheels Vs. Steels Wheels

Black Alloy WheelsBlack Alloy wheels - IIAlloy wheels is the latest trend of presenting a completely new look to your vehicle as wheels are the most important visual component of your car. Beautiful Alloy wheels not only caries the potential of increasing the safety of your wheels but also impart outstanding look to your complete vehicle with shining and stylish alloy wheels coming up in different shapes.

Basic differences between alloy ans steel wheels:

Most of the cars still come with traditional steel wheels. With the changing technology and new advancements in the automobile industry the alloy wheels were introduced. Nowadays, you will find thousands of options available for choosing Alloy wheels for your car. Depending on your budget and car type you have enormous options to choose the desired wheel shape for your beautiful vehicle.

Alloy 5 SpokesAlloy Wheels differ from traditional steel wheels in number of ways:

  • Alloy wheels are made of Aluminum or magnesium most of the time and sometimes of both.
  • Alloy wheels are much strong, durable than standard steel wheels.
  • Latest alloy wheels are much lighter in weight as compare to steel wheels and tends to increase overall performance of your vehicle as the amount of energy required to pull the light wheels vehicle will be less as compare to heavy wheel vehicles.
  • Vehicle handling got improved a lot. You will realize this difference when you have to drive your vehicle on rough surface.
  • Alloy wheels results in less heating due to the large number of holes available to provide cooling mechanism to the wheels of your car.

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2 Responses to Car Alloy Wheels Vs. Steels Wheels

  1. Daniel Young says:

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  2. admin says:

    Hi Daniel,

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