How to ensure the best Service from Car Service Station?

Today, we are going to discuss few very common and general information details about car service. These common car tips and general awareness will help you to ensure best service from your nearest car service station.

Before we go in detailed discussion about what parts need to be services on time and what other components need to be in-check we will discuss the service requirement for cars.

Depending on if you have brand new car or you have already existing used car one should take care of the regular service cycle for every type. Generally, in the new cars you will get the proper schedule published from the car agency for your car service requirements. normally these services are absolutely free and one should avail them on time to ensure the smooth performance and long life of the vehicle.

The used vehicles can be serviced after each 7-8 months of time depending on the usability of the vehicle. If the vehicle is used regularly and used extensively then the services cycle should be repeated after each 6 month, else you can stretch it as high as 8 to 12 month depending on the active analysis of the vehicle.

While getting the service done from the service station below are few most importnt things that you should take care:

Engine Oil – It helps to ensure the better performance, long life of engine if changed on time. Engine oil floes between all the components of engine and its smoothness gets reduced with the passage of time due to frictional force between the various components of car engine. Engine oil if not changed on time, can increase the frictional force and can generate excessive heat among the internal components and that can severely affect the performance of the vehicle.

Filters - There are different classification of filters like: Air Filters and Oil filters. Air filters should be replaced on each service cycle. An Air filter is responsible for smooth breathing of car engine. It allows to enter the exact amount of Oil and Air to enter into the system that is required to run an engine. Air filters should be replaced frequently in order to avoid low performance of your car. A dirty air filter can block air and will allow excessive oil to enter the system that can damage the engine.

Engine oil filter acts as interface between the oil pump and engine. The oil pump circulates the oil in engine by passing through the oil filter. The oil filter helps to block the undesirable foreign particles to enter the engine that can damage the engine or can low down the performance of the enigne.

Other Accessories: There are other car accessories one should take care while servicing their car like: spark Plugs, All the lights of the car, Break oil, wheel balancing and Alignment. These are few highly important and minor accessories that got normally skipped, but if kept close eye then can help to improve overall performance.

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3 Responses to How to ensure the best Service from Car Service Station?

  1. Mark says:

    Thanks for helping to understand the basic of car service requirement. I hope it will help me a lot to improve the efficiency of my car. I change the filters the first thing that i think i have never got replaced since i have bought my car 3 years back :)

  2. Richard Trainer says:

    Thanks Egy wash for sharing a great post about Car Services. With the help of this post I got good tips for maintaining the shininess and engine life of my car.

  3. admin says:

    Hi Mark and Richard,

    Thanks for sharing your high words and appreciating our efforts. This is highly appreciated and we will really love your favor of recommending our services to your near and dear ones.

    Please feel free to vist our service center anytime in near future as well:

    Street Address:
    Rear of 950 Albany Highway
    East Victoria Park
    Call us at:
    0450 006 009


    Egy Wash team

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