Car Safety Features – A must thing for car buyers

With the increased advancements in the automobile industry every company struggles to come up with out of box features for car lovers to survive in the competitive market.

Smart consumers will not only consider the looks and comfort of the car they will give good emphasis on the safety feature of the car. The companies selling the combo pack of attractive look, high performance, comfortable seats and most importantly the top notch safety features will have edge on the rest of the competitors.

While considering the safety features of a vehicle 2 things comes up on the front:

  • How this vehicle the designed and what feature of this vehicle can help you to avoid road accidents?
  • If you met with road accident, how this vehicle can ensure safety of passengers inside?

The vehicle answering these two questions in appropriate manner will always have edge in terms of sales.

Salient Safety features of car:

Vehicle weight:

Survey shows that the statistics for the road accidents/crashes among heavy vehicles Vs light vehicles results in more protection for the heavy vehicles than light vehicles.

Anti lock Brake System:

An antilock brake system (ABS) prevents a vehicle’s wheels from locking during “panic” braking, which allows the driver to maintain greater steering control — a key factor in avoiding a collision. ABS actually does not hold any guarantee for your ability to avoid accident. Driving over speed can result in losing control and miss happening. One should have complete knowledge of using ABS to take the maximum benefit of this vital feature for safety of car passengers.

Air Bags:

Another vital feature has been introduced with the advancements in the automobile industry in most of the cars. Air bag operates on the force that can produce in the impact during the crash. Air bags will come in action as soon as the impact increases the certain defined limit and becomes in between the passenger and the dashboard, windshield.

Air bags come in two variants: Front and rear air bags. Both air bags come in action based on the instructions given to them based on the impact that will take place.

Head Injury Protection:

Most of the cars offer this important feature to avoid head injuries. It consists of foam or other energy absorbing material under the trim of the vehicle interior and is likely to be invisible to vehicle occupants. Some vehicles have head air bags.

Head Restraints

The seat extensions that helps to control the head movement during the crash, helps in reducing the damage that can take place during crash. While you must adjust most head restraints manually, some adjust automatically with changes in seat position or dynamically in a crash. In general, dynamic head restraints provide the best protection.

Seat Belts

It’s the most common and most important car safety guard. Most of the vehicle comes up with in build alarm that will start blowing if passenger has not tightened up the seat belt. It helps you to hit the windshield, steering, windows and moreover it controls your movement during the crash.

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  1. Mrs Wright says:

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for sharing car safety features with people how anti lock brake system, air bags in the car safe the driver and other passengers in the car.


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