How To Wax your Car for brand new shine

Car wax is powerful technique helps to ensure your car look like a brand new for years. This has become everyone’s need as we all want to see our car shine like a brand new forever. Before we explain how to wax your car like a pro we will explain the need of car waxing.

Why Car wax is important?

Car wax helps to protect the paint of your car by creating a protection layer on the paint body of your car. The paint of your car suffers from severe sun rays, high velocity winds,  bird droppings and many more unavoidable dust particles that can collator on the surface and effect the shining of your paint by manifolds.

Proper car wax on regular intervals  is highly important to remove  unavoidable dirt from the paint surface of your car and to give it a brand new shining look.

Tips for waxing your Car:

Before you can actually start the wax you need to prepare a checklist for the following items required during the car wax process:

  • Popular car wax brand you can trust.
  • Sponge.
  • Cotton cloth or towel (recommended).

Once the above items are ready you can start the wax process, but before that you need to make sure that you car is washed properly and give it sufficient time to dry off the water and try to dry it with the towel.

Now start from one end of your car and select an area of max. 2*2 Sq. feet and apply the wax in circular clockwise motion constantly. Keep on moving in clockwise direction till the time you will not feel satisfied with the shining of your paint. Once done, move on to next section and repeat the same process again.

Do not apply thick coat of wax on selected section, rather than implement couple of times thin coats of wax on the selected area.

Apply the force per your estimate while moving the wax in circular motion.

Do not wax your car frequently, excessive wax can also give reverse effect on paint shine. Recommended duration for car wax is every two month.

I hope you enjoy the tips and these will help to wax your car and to give it a shining like a brand new look that everyone want.

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  1. Anna.o says:

    Wow…I am going to follow these suggestions while polishing my car.

  2. Wow, great article.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

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