Tips: Detailing your Car’s Engine

Every car owner wish to have a car that looks brand new, smooth drive and of-course economical in terms of fuel consumption. Many questions strike into mind in order to make your car look like brand new shining car. One of those important questions is: Do we need to wash Car’s Engine and can we do it own?

The answer is Yes, we do need to wash our car engine every couple of months time. It is highly important for overall good health of your car. Here are few important points/checklist that answers your question why we need to wash our car engine:

  • Dirty engine have significantly increase engine temperature due to extensive heating.
  • Dirty engine oil can block flow of oil in various parts of engine and causes hindrance to reach to important sections. This results in overheating and wear & tear of machinery.
  • Risk of fire increases due to excessive dirt on engine. Dirty oil can easily catch fire in case of minor internal spark during engine start-up and battery.
  • Dirty engine can also cause problem to the electrical wiring of car and can disrupt the functionality of electrical circuit.
  • Dirt on engine results in decreasing the overall life and results in poor health of engine.

So now you have learn why Engine washing is necessary, here we will discuss how you can wash it your self and what steps need to be followed:

The very first step is to remove the excessive dust piled up the body and various parts of the engine. In order to loosen the grease accumulated on the engine the best way is start the engine and let its temperature rise upto a limit so that you easily get hold of the engine and it should be overheated. You can use brush or compressed air to remove the excessive dust accumulated on various parts of engine.

Once the engine reaches to certain desired temperature and warm enough then apply engine degreaser to various parts where grease is accumulated. The amount of degreaser should not be too high but you can estimate the quantity required based on the accumulation of grease. Allow 3 to 5 mins to get it soaked before you hose off the degreaser. While applying degrease always move from lower parts to upward to avoid any accumulation of degrease on the lower part of engine.

Now you have applied degreaser and ready to remove it. Use plenty of water to hose down the degreaser. Make sure if you are using high pressure nozzle then do not get the nozzle close to the electrical connections and hose off the entire engine carefully. Once done, allow it rinse the water for 4-5 mins and then immediately start the engine and Allow it to run for about 5 minutes to help dry things out.

When everything is dry, and your engine has cooled down, you should apply a coating of engine protector. This will help to protect engine from corrosion for several years.

Hope you enjoy our car wash and car care tips.

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2 Responses to Tips: Detailing your Car’s Engine

  1. Howard Helfant says:

    Very nice tips for cars’ engine detailing. Dirt on engine reduces the car life. So keep it up and keep on sharing such informative posts.

  2. Abraham.Y says:


    I came to know about your car detailing services from one of my colleague. He is very happy with your services. Can you please provide me some more details on car detailing?


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