Car interior cleaning Tips

This week we will be discussing the most overlooked component of car and tips to clean this component. Yes, you heard right. The most overlooked component of car is car’s interior. Most of the people are worried about the outlook of their car and they want to make sure that their car look beautiful at first sight. Routine car wash can give a better look to your car by keeping better shining and not allowing dust particle to stuck around.

The interior of car is considered as most toughest and least interesting job. No-one is ready to clean car’s interior until or unless you really start feeling that your car is NOT clean. So here we are going to discuss few very basic tips for interior car detailing that will help to make this boring job interesting for you:

Vacuuming Car's Carpet Very first step is to remove the floor mats of your car. Now use the vacuum cleaner to go deep inside sections of your car like: below the car seats, near the break and accelerator paddles and near the gear box etc. Better you can wash or vacuum the floor mats separately outside. Once done you can place the floor mats at appropriate places.

You need to be careful while cleaning interior of your car, as you need to make sure that no water drops get accumulated on the surface beneath the carpet or floor mats as it can further leads to bad smell, corrosion and stains.

Dashboard CleaningWith the help of hose attachment vacuum the seat cushions. Be sure to vacuum the bottom and back of the seats. Check beneath seats for coins and trash before vacuuming.

Use a soft brush attachment to vacuum the dashboard, central console and the doors. Soft brush is highly important for costly parts of the dashboard like stereo .

While cleaning dirty spots on your car seats you need to make use of any of upholstery cleaning agents available in the market. Just spray the agent evenly on the upholstery. Rub vigorously. Once the dirty spot is gone, wipe it thoroughly with a dry soft cloth.

Clean all the windows using a window cleaner and newspaper or paper towels.

Spray a small amount of car-interior or vinyl protectant on a towel or rag. With the moistened rag, gently wipe the dashboard, door handles and all vinyl parts.

Finally, Allow to air dry. This is highly important in order to cure your car from getting corrosion, stains and damp mouldy smell.

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