How to conduct Health Checkup For your Car?

This post can be most interesting for most of the car lovers who care for their cars like a baby and want to see their baby healthy every time. Everyone loves a brand new car rolled out from the showroom. Its look, sparkling like stars shining, smooth wax, neat and clean interior, leather covers and overall fresh feeling of the car makes you feel comfortable, happy and satisfied.

None want to loose its original fresh feeling and awesome look but with the passage of time most of the card starts looking dull and old. They start loosing their freshness and shining appearance with time. Cars demand care and routine health checkup to ensure they stay fresh look like a brand new car even after 3 or 4 years of its original purchase.

Here we are going to discuss basic health checkup tips that can help you to keep your car new, fresh and comfortable like it is just is rolled out of showroom.

Wash your car on time:

Car wash is very important in order to keep your car clean and healthy. Doesn’t matter how frequently you drive your car, even if you are not using it and it is laying inside garage even then dust will accumulate on the body of the car and if it will not be removed on time it will become more stringent and it will make your car look like dull lately.

Especially, in rainy season you need to wash your car once you are back to home or you can simply call EgyWash at 0450 006 009 to avail our highly affordable mobile car wash services. The dust particles on your car will become hard to remove when your car will be parked in sunlight area and later they will make your look like dull and old.

While washing your car on your own, do follow the process:

Car WashBefore you start check for mandatory inventory: A Bucket, Hose, wash-man, Shampoo, 100% cotton cloth. Firstly hose off of your entire car and don’t use the strong jet for this purpose, it can cause scratches on the paint. Fill the bucket with water and add 6-7 drops of shampoo. Start washing your car section by section with the wash-man. Remember once the one section of your car is washed rinse it with hose before moving on. Use sponge for cleaning your most dirtiest part of your car i.e. wheel alloys.  Once the entire car is clean use 100% cotton cloth to dry and take off the drops of water lying on the body of the car.

Note: Recommended time frame to wash your car is 1 week. One should was car on weekly basis.

Car Waxing:

Car WaxThis is another crucial factor that helps to keep your car clean and look like brand new car. You can get your car waxed from an professional auto car detailing company or you can DIY. If you have an hour or so spare time you can easily wax your car. Instructions to be followed while waxing your car:

Before you wax your car you need to make sure that your car is washed and dry. Wipe off any water drops accumulating on the body of the car before starting car wax.

Apply wax on the body of the car in circular motion section by section and complete the entire car in this way.

Wipe off the excessive wax accumulating on the body of the car using soft terry cloth. Start from the one corner and proceed further to entire car. You’ll find the wax residue accumulating on your cloth. Shake it off periodically and continue to remove excess wax until you’ve finished all panels.

Look carefully and check for remaining wax residue. Use your cloth to clean any remaining residue.

Wax Your Tyre :

Car Tyre Wax TipsCar with clean tyres and shine alloys stand unique from the crowd of the cars and holds extra attention. Apply wax on your tyres to keep them clean and shiny.  tyre wx should be applied after wash/wax.

Clean leather seats:

Make sure you clean and condition your leather seats at least once every 2 months if you car comes with leather seats. Apply the conditioner with a clean cloth/cloth diaper, leave for 15 minutes and wipe off excess conditioner. Your leather will look and smell like new if you do this every month.

If you follow above mentioned steps in routine then you can keep your car clear, smooth and look like brand new anytime.

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5 Responses to How to conduct Health Checkup For your Car?

  1. Most of the information here is i do not know like waxing the tire. Thanks for sharing great info there. And i also learned a lot about car washing tips.

  2. Tina says:

    My car loses its shining as I got it washed daily. But never use car waxing. But after following these interesting tips I am sure that now my car shines looks like new car. Thanks Buddy

  3. Wright says:


    I am leaving in Perth, Australia. Can you tell me how much you charge for car waxing and detailing


  4. admin says:

    Hi Wright,

    Thanks for visiting our blog. You can check our price details at

  5. Jim Pasko says:

    These are really useful car health check up tips. Thanks Man and keep posting.

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