Tips to Remove Paint Marks from the Car Body

Every one loves their dream car and if some paint is lCar Paintanded on your car by an accident then there is not need to worry about it. Just follow the below tips to remove it permanently.

First thing you should do is to get a moist cloth or sponge and wipe the paint before it gets dry.

If it gets dry then identify the paint mark and if it is a water mark place a wet cloth or towel over the paint spots. This process will soften the Paint mark without any damage and you will easily remove it from the car body with a dry towel.

If the paint mark is not wiped off then pore some more water on towel and keep it for few more minutes on the paint mark and then try again with the dry towel.

For the enamel paint marks you will need a paint thinner or mineral spirits. Take soft towel and soak it with paint thinner or mineral spirits and gently rub it over the paint mark working your way to the center.

Once the paint starts coming off wipe away any excess paint or drips with a clean dry cloth.

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2 Responses to Tips to Remove Paint Marks from the Car Body

  1. Wright says:


    I am just looking for such tips. Its really helpful in removing the enamel paint mark from my car. Thanks for the article. Looking for more such useful Tips

  2. Don says:

    It was interesting post and fortunately I got it on right time when i was in need of it. I was planning to repair paint marks on the driver window of my car and i was afraid of the repair cost. But now I’m feeling quite comfortable as it seems to be an easy job and I’m planning to repair it myself :)

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