Don’ts while drving a car

In this post we will cover some important and much needed tips for a safe driving. When you drive on road then you should follow these tips or avoid the below mentioned activities fr a safe and healthy driving.

Avoid these activities while driving:

Do not Consume Alcohol while driving:

Drunk DrivingThis is the major cause behind most of the road accidents. These accidents turns into loss of various lives every other day. Most of the times after party driving results into serious road accidents due drowsiness caused by alcohol.

On the top of the risk associated behind drunk driving, this is legally not allowed and if you will caught drunk while driving then you can be heavily charged for that.

Due to the increasing road accidents due to drunken driving you will police keeping close check and taking alcohol tests on the roadside on the week ends.

Don’t Over speed:

Over speedingFollow the speed limit mentioned on the road side and do not exceed the speed of your car while driving. Over speed always turns up in swear accidents as one can lose the control on the vehicle. On the other side if you will drive the vehicle as per the speed limits then there is good possibility that  you can control your vehicle even if you have apply instant breaks.

Over speeding is also illegal and one can be fined heavily for over speeding the vehicle. You need to drive your vehicle within assigned speed limits.

Avoid distractions:

Mobile phone while DriviingThere are various possible reasons for distractions like: use of cell phones while driving, mentally not prepared for driving, you are on medication that causes drowsiness, tired and feeling sleepy. Avoid all these potential causes of distraction that may lead to serious disasters.

US has passed law in various states that banned the use of cell phones while drivings. the death toll due to accidents while driving using cell phone was increasing every day.

Don’t drive drowsy:

Drowsy DrivingYes, if you are looking for a long drive then you need to make sure that you had a proper sleep before you start your drive. Do not consume any drugs while driving as they can also tun off your senses while driving and this can lead to serious accident.

If you are too tired then you should take rest before you think to drive. While driving if you feel like sleeping then it strongly advised that you should stop your vehicle and take a quick nap to avoid any misshaping.

Don’t avoid seat belt:

seat belt This is the first and foremost step while driving. You should never avoid wearing your seat belt while driving. You never know when you have to apply instant break while driving on the road so this is very important to wear a seat belt that will help to control your body from moving forward due the heavy force of breaks.

Seat belts always safe lives and if you vehicle has rear seat belts and front seat belts then the passengers traveling in the car are advised to wear them instantly. the SUVs are mostly equipped with both front and rear seat belts.

Don’t follow too closely:

Always keep enough difference while driving vehicles back to back in a row. Sudden breaks by the front vehicle can cause instant accident as you can hit the vehicle immediate next to you, if you have kept very small difference between them and you are following too closely. It can be too difficult to estimate the recommended distances while driving and the exact distance would have to be adjusted for speed, so most experts recommend a “three-second rule.”

The other simple and short tips for safe driving includes:

  • Make sure you are using proper indicators while turning your vehicle.
  • Make sure you have checked the breaks, fog lights, front lights and tail lights while planning a long drive.
  • Vehicle is properly maintained and has been serviced on time so that engine oil and various other components are oiled and checked for health checkup regularly.
  • Avoid eating and drinking while driving.
  • Tyre air pressure should be check on timely basis.
  • Follow signals and lights properly.

I hope these simple and important tips will help to safeguard your life by regulating your driving skills.

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How to Fix Rust on Car Metal

This is quite a usual problem we come across as the car turns old. After 10-12 years of time the original paint layer starts loosening its strength from the car metal body. This is healthy stage for corrosion to take place. If you car is parked outside without roof and has experienced lot rain on it then it is quite possible that a minor damaged part can turn into the heavy rust later on.

Today we are going to discuss how to repair your car from rust. Here is the rusty meta of car that we will repair and if you will read this post carefully then you can repair your car from rust and you can DIY.Car Rust

Before we start this repair process you should know that if you go to any car shop to fix this then they charge you minimum $250.

The very first step is to grind the affected surface with 40 grade grinding wheel. The motive is to clean the surface to make it look clear and transparent. You need to move your grinder evenly around the affected surface to clear it. Put a little bit of spray to clean it.

The next step is to nail t with 80 grade grinder to ensure the surface is smooth enough. This will help to make the affected area evenly smoother.

Cover the affected area with paint protection coating and apply it evenly on all the places. Use Palm sander to evenly distribute the coating and make it smooth and clear from all the corners so that when you apply paint spray it doesn’t fall down and should stick to the entire surface strongly.

To make the surface more smoother you may need to apply wet sanding on the surface with hand sand paper and clear the surface. After the sand paper you need to wash your car surface with your regular car wash shampoo.

Now its the time to apply sandable primer, before you apply primer you need to cover the car body with new paper and keep the affected surface surrounded by paper just like below.

Before Paint

Now you can apply primer on the affected area. You may need to repeat the multiple coats of the primer, depending on the damage.

Now you need to apply hand sand paper on the primer coats to make it smoother. You need to repeat the same process 2-3 times to apply 2-3 coats of primer. Once priming process is over then we need to move to the final phase of painting the affected area.

Make sure that the affected is surrounded by newspaper boundary and apply the paint coat on the affected area. Be organized, shake the paint well before applying it on affected area.

You may need to apply 3-4 coats of paint to regain the original paint look matching with your regular paint. Make use of high quality paint so that it should not lose the surface and stick to and have glossy look.

Alright guys, repair is complete and this is time to see final product.

After Paint

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Attention-powered car tested in Perth

THE WORLD’S first Attention Powered Car has been put through its paces in Perth today in a bid to prevent accidents on our roads due to inattention.

The Royal Automobile Club of WA (RAC) revealed the space-age technology which powers the vehicle, a neuro headset that connects to brain activity linked to the car’s engine via customized software.

Attention-powered car

The software communicates with the car and slows the vehicle when the driver’s level of concentration lapses.

The technology has been installed into a 5-star ANCAP safety rated Hyundai i40 which will only drive at full capacity when the driver is paying full attention.

RAC Executive General Manager Pat Walker said the impact of inattention is now comparable to the number of deaths and serious injuries caused by speed and drink driving which are all contributors to WA consistently having the worst fatality rate of any Australian state.

“Over the past 20 years WA has gone from the best class to worst in class. Since 2006 we have consistently been above the national fatality rate and alarmingly more than half of fatalities in WA happen on our country roads.

“If WA’s fatality rate came down to the national rate, more than 45 lives would be saved each year.’’ said Mr Walker.

Nationally, it is estimated inattention was a factor in 46 per cent of all fatal crashes.

The RAC will use the Attention Powered Car to directly engage the WA community and raise awareness about inattention and possibly find solutions to help save lives on our roads.

“The Attention Powered Car will assist people to understand the importance of paying attention and what the factors are distracting us while we drive,’’ said Mr Walker.

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5 Tips to negotiate the Car Price

Hi Folks! Welcome to Egywash blog for weekly update. Today we are going to discuss completely different topic that can help you to save couple of thousands of $$$$.

I am sure if you will go through this post then you will be able to save few thousand dollars in an hour or two. Before we actually jump to the key discussion point I would like to put a question to you guys.

How many people earn $1000 or $2000 or $3000 per hour? Interestingly, its lot easier to save money than to earn money. By saving I mean to say the possible negotiation that can help you to $1000 or $2000 or $3000 per hour. Most of things are negotiable particularly car sales but most of the people have no idea how to do it? You can’t believe but this is possible and if you are earning $30-$40 an hour then you will able to make couple of weeks salary in just few hours or minutes even.

Anyways, let move to the topic and here is the list of 5 hot tips that can help you to best negotiate the car price with salesman:


Once you have decided that you want to purchase a new car and you are ready to spend 10,20 or 30k dollars for this then you have to prepare your mindset that you will meet lot of people playing around. Most of the sale person will say we don’t like to negotiate the price, we offer fix prices and so on…but you need to come over all these and you need to little research which we will discuss in part 2. You need know that salesperson has to do the business with you and they have buffer for discounts in several possible ways within company guidelines.

You need to know how to play the game, they will do it the way you want.


This is very important for you as a customer. You should know what you are buying. Do your homework and spend time on internet, Google for the type of car you are looking to purchase. See what features are important and what other comparable models are possible within same budget and make.

You should the about your desired car deeply and this information compared to the information of other possible cars within same budget will help to generate more confidence within your self and you will be able to negotiate with you sales guy comfortably.


When you communicate with your salesperson, be friendly but at the same you need to let them know that you are planning for a long vacation or holidays soon so that they understand the  urgency behind your decision and they should believe that you are a hot prospect. This is important for you to make them realize this state of your urgency. The moment you feel that salesperson is in a state where is assuming that you will turn up to final sale then you may need to play a little game. You should turn your interest and enthusiasm into disappointment by claiming few excuses that you were expecting more mileage or low cost and something…The salesperson will start playing your game and they want to help you to get you out off that disappointment stage.

Then you need to ask a simple question. What would be the best price that you can offer for this car? Whatever the price they offer even you think it is quite justified but again you need to press on this question to get the answer for this simple question to get the better price than what he has offered you. If the salesperson falls your way that’s good else try to follow another small trick and prepare yourself to walk away saying that you need to think about it. I was expecting to be something closer to what i proposed. Salesperson hates that, they never want that you should walk off the store because they know that hardly very few customers will ever come back again and they simply don’t want to lose a hot prospect. Either wait for the salesperson what he says else on the final second of your move just turn back and say ok, what will be the absolute best price for today itself and you will be amazed to save $400/$500.

So follow all these simple tips, these aren’t that hard. You need to ask right questions at right time and then you need to come up with your final decision. I am sure that you can guaranteed save few thousands of dollars.

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Car Detailing – Top 10 Dont’s

Hi Guys…Welcome to our blog once again and today I am going to cover the most important topic where i will explore top 10 biggest mistakes that you should avoid while detailing your car. Probably these are the mistakes that can kill your car. Every car lover who want to keep his/her car shining like a brand new car forever; this blog post is MUST for them.

I will start with mistake #10 and move upwards towards mistake #1. so lets come straight way to the point:

Mistake #10: This is extremely dangerous and most common mistake that most of people do while cleaning your foot mats. Never apply any ‘Armor All’ type products on your floor mats. Most of the time when you pour these type of products on your mats and scrub them they make it look nice and shining but when you drive your car they get on the bottom of your shoes and then on the break pedal and lots of problems can happen.

The best way to clean your floor mats is with soap and water, scrub and dry them and put them back into your car.

Mistake #9: Here we will discuss the problems of using the wrong product for the interior of your car.
For e.g. if we have to clean the carpets of your car and If you are going to use car soap for this then you are going to suds forever that will never go easily and that will cause mildew. What is recommended is the foamy agent that is actually designed for the carpets. Shake it well before applying it on your carpet. Take the scrub brush and rub it both upside down few times and then take a clean towel to pour all the dirt from the carpet.

Similarly for other interior parts use the specific products designed for specific purpose.

Mistake #8: The next very common problem is of ‘Tire Sling‘. Most of the car lovers who love shiny tires end up facing this problem. Tire sling takes when you drive your car and the product that is used for shining your car tire thrown back to the body of the car. So while your tires may shine, your car doesn’t. But it can be prevented.

Use the right product for tire shining, recommended is tire gel which is quite sticky and goopy. Apply this sticky gel even on your tire and sit for a minute and then tap it off with the help of towel. After that, when you will drive there will no tire sling.

Mistake #7: This is most common mistake of using old and nasty pieces of clothes to wash your car improperly. what will happen is when you apply these nasty stuff on your car then all the dirt will be trapped on the outside that will essentially be scratching the paint when you will rub it on the car body.

Car Wash StuffBest and recommended stuff is available in the Old Car Wash Stuffmarket for car wash purpose i.e. nice and fluffy and dust can easily trap inside and can be easily washed in the bucket. As you will see it getting thin and dirty over the period of time throw it away and buy the new one. This will not only help to clean your car body properly but also increase the lifetime of the paint of your car.

Mistake #6: Definitely this mistake is going to be most annoying and i am talking about the glass. What’s gonna save you is the use of the right towel. Most of the time car owners apply Micro fiber towel which is used for the body of the car on the glasses as well and they never bother about the specific product ‘micro fiber window towel’ that is best recommended for cleaning your car glass.

Micro Fiber Glass TowelIf you will see closely the pillars of the plush on regular micro fiber towel are much thick than the micro fiber glass towel which is best recommended by car wash experts. Apply window cleaner on the micro fiber glass towel and clean the glass in straight lines and then apply dry micro fiber towel and buff off the rest and make sure that you don’t have any streaks at all. While cleaning the windscreen of your car from inside this is the most difficult part and try to follow the the process from top to bottom with your right hand. Try to avoid window cleaners for windscreen to avoid any streaks that may arise due to the dashboard lubrication.

Mistake #5: Wiping your car without any lubrication. Most of the time we experience bird poo on the surface of the body of the car and most of apply the improper stuff on the surface to scratch it that affects the paint of your car. To avoid this we always recommend to apply spray wax on the affected surface this spray will act as a lubricant and apply this evenly 2-3 times and then use the micro fiber towel lightly to clean the surface. Turn the towel if one side becomes little dirty and give a shining new look to the bird poo surface.

So try to avoid any improper ways to clean the surface of your car to save the paint.

Mistake #4: Lot of people have queries about this, which type of soap should be used to clean your car. There are different types of soaps available in the market and all of them have different purposes but not all of them are best for your car.

We will start with hand soap or Dish soap is really great stuff but not good to apply on the surface of your car. Occasionally, it may be a good idea to use hand soap if you are looking to strip entire car of all its wax and when you are looking to compound or polish your car. So for a normal wash like Sunday morning wash you should not use something like this because this is very harsh and can affect the paint of the car.

We strongly recommend you to use very specific paint soap and very specific wheel soap. The paint soap doesn’t remove any of the existing layers of protection on the surface of the paint. On the other side the wheel soap is little more aggressive because the wheels have break dust that’s really warm and hard and gets embedded on the metal so you need something real strong as compare to paint soap that get into the metal to clean it properly.

So you should make your selection for the type of the type of the soap specifically designed for different purposes.

Mistake #3: This mistake is more annoying than being harmful i.e. when you forgot to double check your car after the full wax. You may notice that sometimes the wax gets embedded onto small little bolts on the car so what you need to do is use a small brush and apply 1-2 times spray wax and agitate all the stuff out. After that use fiber towel to wipe off it completely.

Mistake #2: This is the mistake of using an improper product that leaves a greasy foam on the interior of your car. We don’t need to use that for two reasons:

1. It blinds you as you drive your car and no one wants that.

2. It acts like a green house effect. The light comes through the windscreen and traps under the greasy part and heats up the vinyl leather or plastic whatever part it is, dries it out and cracks it. We don’t want to replace any those things because these are really expensive.

So what we recommend is the proper products for dashboard and interior cleaning so that your interior can have a shining new look without affecting the life of the parts. Good products will condition your leather and soak in and protects it.

Mistake #1: The biggest mistake that most of the car owners make while washing their car is that they make use of the same bucket for cleaning the paint and wheel of the cars. The two of these buckets should be completely separate. Recommended is that you may choose two completely different color buckets for this purpose.

Black and white can be the best combination, Black can be used for wheels and white bucket can be used for car paint. The wash mitt that you will you use for car paint should be interchanged or mixed with wash mitt that you will use for wheels. Recommended is that you should use little new or better mitt for car paint than car wheels.

Make sure that the paint mitt never hits the wheels and the wheel mitt never hits the paint of the car to get a shining look.

Well guys, these are the top 10 mistake i can think of. I hope there will be tons of more mistakes and if you have more then please mention them below in the comments.

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Tips for Boat Detailing and step by step guide for how to Detail Your Boat?

In today’s post we are going to cover Boat Detailing tips and techniques.  Boat Detailing sounds like a cumbersome process but with the help of our highly friendly and flawless detailing tips you will learn how easy it is to detail a complete boat on your own. Here is q quick overview for boat detailing process.

First thing is to wash the boat to make sure its spick-and-span clean. To do that Start from the top, move inside and once done with that then move to outside. Whenever you plan to detail your boat make sure the variety of products that you are going to use are of premium quality, because the compromise in the quality of the products used may turn up in poor performance of the complete detailing process.

Before Detailing Boat:

Before Boat Detailing

Cleaning the Top of the Boat: The very first step is to completely Rinse off the top of the boat. Remove the loose dirt or bird droppings from the top of the boat. Once you knocked off the loose dirt completely then the next thing is to make use of premium cleaner to clean the fabric on the top of the boat. You need to make sure that you are not going to use too harsh product as it can affect this soft fabric. So you need to careful about the cleaner and brush that you will use to clean the top. Spray the cleaner on the top of the boat fabric properly and use long brush evenly on all the corners to clean it with high pressure jet. Once done with the roof of the boat its the time to move down to the inside boat sections.

Inside Sections: Before you start cleaning the boat from inside make sure you wash the boat and wet is completely so that loose dust can be washed away and you can apply your cleaning products. Start from the wind-guard or windshield and use premium cleaner to apply on this screen and other section along side wind screen. Leave it for a while after spraying the cleaner and then use tiny brush and start scrubbing all the sections properly and apply high pressure jet to rinse off dust properly. Make sure the brush bristles are soft enough and so that even if you are aggressive while cleaning the different inside corners of your boat it should be safe. Once done with windscreen, steering area then move down to exhaust module. Exhaust is the only outlet for the burnt fuel in the boat and most of the time this is the only section which most dirty. The fuel contaminants turn into stain on the top of the exhaust pump. Apply the cleaner evenly followed by tiny brushes with soft bristles and after few minutes rinse it off.

Now you need to clean the inside floor, sides and front section of the boat and for this purpose we recommend you to make use of the extendable brush that can easily move down to the different sections and have the flexibility to adjust is tiny areas we well due to its soft bristles. Most important section is the clean the front of the boat often because this section consist of dust particles and moisture. Dust with combination of moisture turns into the oxidation reaction and can deteriorate the front of your boat. Finally the side bars bear most of the foot traffic and are grungy areas. Apply cleaners evenly and leave it for a whiles before applying scrub and then finally rinse off the dust. Its time to jump out to clean the boat from outside.

Outer Section: As recommended earlier the better is to rinse off the loose dust from the outer sections and then apply cleaner by dividing the whole boat into small sections. Keep cleaning these small sections and rinse off regularly and finish the complete boat cleaning from out side. Make use of extendable brush to reach the top sections of the boat and you can use a special scrubber for scrubbing the extreme bottom section of the boat. Whiles cleaning the outer section always the rinse off the water from top towards bottom.

Now once you are done with the cleaning of all the three main sections of your then the next step is to provide your boat a shining new look. For this we will use three step process of compounding, polishing and waxing. This three step process is highly recommended for absolute shining new look of your boat by removing oxidation.

Finally the new shining boat after complete detailing will be like:

After Boat Detailing


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Auto Show 2013: Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany

Finally the most awaited event of car lover is about to commence from the second week of September in Frankfurt am Main, mostly known as Frankfurt: is the largest city of Hesse (State of German). Frankfurt is 5th largest city of German. Frankfurt has won the 65th International Motor show in German also known as Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA – International Automobile Exhibition), is one of the world’s largest motor shows.

Frankfurt, 65th International Motor Show (IAA 2013) will start from September 10, 2013 to September 22, 2013. The IAA is organized by the Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA – Association of the German Automotive Industry).

Below is q quick schedule for your reference:

Open to public
14 – 22 September

Press days
10 – 11 September

Trade days
12 – 13 September

For more details about the timings and activities please visit official website for

Frankfurt Auto Show will not only uncover the most attractive cars of different makes from all corners of the world but also allows you the opportunity to  take a test run of most luxury cars ever. Have a glimpse of few of the unveiled beauties of 2013  motor show @ Frankfurt, German:

Nissan says next Rogue coming September 10:

Nissan Rogue CUV

Ferrari 458 Speciale speeds toward Frankfurt:

Ferrari 458

Nissan looking to expand UK plant to build Infiniti Q30:Nissan Infiniti Q30

2014 Chevy Camaro Convertible revealed ahead of Frankfurt debut:Chevy CamaroBMW Concept X5 eDrive plug-in hybrid headed to Frankfurt:

BMW Concept X5

2015 Audi A8 and S8 get some new goodies:

2015 Audi A8

Brabus gives AMG crossovers 700 hp and a stance to match:

Monza concept opens its wings and lets us in on Opel’s future:

Opel's Monza concept

Volkswagen reveals new 296-hp Golf R:

Volkswagen Golf R

 2015 Mercedes GLA-Class officially bound for Frankfurt:

2015 Mercedes GLA

Apart from these top class beauties car lovers and fans have opportunity to enjoy lot of other exciting surprises introduced in this motor show. Few of the main action items are:

  • Test drives through Frankfurt
  • Circuit for off-road vehicles
  • Carrera motor racing in miniature
  • Children’s driving school

For more details please visit the official press at:

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Step by step guide for cleaning and detailing your car

Today we are going to various tips for car cleaning and car detailing that will help you to effectively detail your car like a professional. These tips are collected from the personal experience of professional detailers across the country and if you will carefully read and follow these tips then you will not need to go to any other place for availing detailing and cleaning services for your car. You will feel confident enough to execute complete detailing on your own.
So follow this DIY step by step guide for detailing & cleaning and take care of the surface of your car just like your face and help it glow and shine exactly the way you want your face.

  1. Begin from Carpets of your car:

The very first step advised by most of the experienced detailers is ‘carpet cleaning’. It is strongly recommended that high air pressure should be used to release dust fixed around small corners of car so that it can be centralized on the carpet and then with the help of vacuum dust can be sucked completely. One can use also use scrub brush to release dust fixed on the carpet and then apply vacuum.

  1. Duct Cleaning:

High air pressure can be used to effectively clean the air ducts of your car. Once you apply pressure; be careful that you focus on walls of the ducts behind the vent grilles. Most of the times dust stick to these walls and can cause nasty smell. Properly cleaned ducts will help to keep fresh and sweet fragrance within car.

  1. Tire Cleaning:

Most of the professionals use slightly acid based products to clean tires to clean dust and residue from tires, but it is strongly that for DIY tire cleaning one should not use any acid based products as these may lead to highly oxidized wheel alloys which further can turn up to damaged wheel paint.
If you are planning to protect your car’s paint then wheels and tires should be cleaned first before you move onto protecting your car’s paint.

  1. Carwash process:

Most of the experienced details recommend hand washing. Hand washing not only helps you to experience your vehicle most closely but also help you to feel the shape of your loved one. Pros suggest do not use any detergent for washing your car, this mistake is done by most of the car wash individuals at home. Dishwashing detergents can get you clean car but they will damage your car’s wax coating over the period of time on repeated use.  Special products are available in market for car washing. These solutions are tested and qualified and can be safely applied on your car’s wax.

  1. Clean Paint:

Often it takes nothing more than a normal washing to clear dust sticked on the paint and surface of your car. But the cropping of birds, chemicals exhausted from polluted air can stuck to the surface of your car and the paint will not glow as it does originally. You can test it yourself by moving dry hand on the paint of your car and if you find it rough that means the paint is not clean. There are different ways to clean it properly.
Solutions are available in market to remove stain and dust from the paint. One can apply it but the excess of the solution can lead to damaged wax coating of your car. So be careful. The second method is to clean paint by rubbing a small block of paint-cleaning clay lubricated with a liquid cleaner wax.

  1. Paint smoothing:

Polishing plays important role to smoothen the surface of car paint that will make your car shine like a brand new car. Various brands are available for paint polishes that can help to provide wax layer for paint of your car. Car polish can be applied with the help of oscillating machine but you need to be careful with the use of this machine. If the machine will be operated fast then it can lead to break the paint surface.

  1. Wax your car:

Car wax plays vital role between the car paint and outer world attacks like: dust stains, pollution contaminants etc… Brand new car paint is protected with the help of coated layer of wax that wears off over the period of time due to sun rays, rainy water, repeated car washing etc…
This wax layer is highly important to keep your car free from small scratches and stain contaminant. You should apply wax paste or liquid twice in a year. Pros recommend that vehicles spending their maximum time staying outdoors need to monitor more frequently as compared to vehicles parked under the roof most of the time. One should apply wax coating to his/her every season.

  1. Cleaning Glasses:

Glasses of the car plays very important role in the overall look of your car. Shining glasses makes your car looks completely different from the crowd and ads additional to the beauty of your car.
Glasses should be cleaned in the last to avoid any dirt leaving uncleaned on the glasses that will be released from the various steps mentioned above.
Again you will lot of glass cleaning solutions in the market that you can use to effectively clean glasses of your car. Soft towel can be used to soak the glass cleaning solution. Sometimes, most of DIY’s prefer newspaper pieces to clean the glasses and believe me it work very well just like any other proper stuff for cleaning the glasses.

Finally When to See a Pro
Normal scratches, stains, washing, cleaning can be executed with the help of various steps explained above. But if your paint has a scratch that goes down to metal, the only way to fix it is by sanding and filling the scratch with paint using a tiny pencil brush. Pros can effectively streamline this type of fix with the regular paint and they learn it with experiencing. But a normal person can’t do this job so professionally and you may need to visit a pro in this case.

For effective Car Detailing and cleaning you can visit ‘Egy Wash’ cleaning centre in Perth, WA. Our complete street address is mentioned below:

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Keep Your Car in Topmost Condition with Auto Car Detailing Services

With professional car detailing services, it has become easy to keep your car in a well-maintained and good condition. These services help to eliminate the mud, dirt, tree sap, and grease from car exteriors and give your car a new and improved look. Maintaining a vehicle without expert help is not an easy task. Cleaning car interiors and exteriors yourself is difficult and time consuming. There are many experienced companies providing auto detail professional services at affordable services. Their services help to remove the dust particles and other loose deposits present in the car and provide you with a clean vehicle. Auto car detailing services also come very useful when you are showcasing your car for sale. These services improve the look of your car and offer you more sale value. If you are planning to sell your car of if you just like it to look at its best, car detailing services come handy.

Auto detailing services include thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing of a car, both inside and out. This business is gaining attention from car owners all across the country. The professionals make use of advanced car cleaning machines to efficiently eliminate the stains caused by coffee spills or chocolate, the odors of cigarette smoke, and the deposits created by dried food. They remove all the dirt present, thus leaving a smooth finish and removing fine scratches and swirls. The services also include cleaning and shinning of wheels, windows, trim, and tyres. The mechanics perform efficient hand car wash to make sure that dirt and dust is cleaned from both exteriors and interiors of your vehicle.

Internet is an ideal medium to find a reliable auto car detailing firm that offers the most comprehensive range of services at reliable prices. You can compare the various services offered and the prices charged to select the right firm. You should also make sure that the company is a reputed one with a proven track record of happy customers. The mechanics should be experienced in the industry and make use of right techniques and tools.

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Taking Good Care Of Your Car with Self Service Car Wash

In earlier days, people used to wash cars with a bucket of water, soap and sponge. But today, the process of washing cars has altered tremendously. The car washing professionals utilize a number of cars washing equipment to wash the interior and exterior parts of the vehicles. The commercial cleaning centers include self car wash equipment and full service washing equipment. The equipment are used to clean the external and internal sections. Regular and timely wash services are required to maintain the car in topmost condition. Without these self car wash services, you may face problems such as frequent equipment malfunction, low productivity etc.

Cleaning of the interior of car is as important as cleaning exteriors. When you hire the services of reliable car washing centers, they have teams of experienced mechanics and staff members to get your car in a brand new condition. They utilize different equipment such as steam vapor machine, car wash equipment along with upholstery carpet cleaning machine to clean all parts of the car. One of the great advantages of auto detailing machines used by professionals is that they contain self cleaning boilers. You need not to worry about scales and corrosion and they focus on making the interiors spotlessly clean and free from germs.

The car washing centers also offer mobile self service car wash services. This allows you to get your car washed and cleaned at your place only. You need not to drive all way long to the washing station but the professionals visit your place with all equipment. You get the flexibility to choose the timings, place and date when you want to avail their services. Such convenience allows you to save money as well as time. You can carry on with your routine jobs while the professionals perform the car cleaning tasks. They come with right car wash equipment that offers a brand new appearance to your car. With right equipment, you can enjoy several others benefits such as less water consumption, higher temperature and pressure, and zero downtime.

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